Festival Baltimore Academy Participants will be housed in UMBC's apartment-style suites comprised of four single dorm-type bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and small living area (click for layout image).  Four participants will be assigned per suite.  It is our greatest intention to fulfill any suite-mate requests made upon admittance to the program.



The Festival Baltimore Academy is designed to engender organic social interaction through its inclusion of family-style meals and on-campus housing.  In addition, the academy will facilitate an optional excursion to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and various smaller social events on (or-near) campus.



Festival staff will be as accommodating as possible to academy participants desiring transportation.  In the event that staff transportation is unavailable, academy participants are advised to consult UMBC's public transportation offerings (click here) and/or reference the use of ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.



Students must depart no later than July 1st.  Academy staff will shuttle students from the UMBC campus to Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) free of charge.

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The academy tuition will cover three meals per day.  All dormitory kitchens will be stocked with continental breakfast items.  Additionally, participants can expect to enjoy both home-cooked and catered lunches and dinners.  In order to ensure satisfaction, artists who have been admitted to the academy will be asked to fill out a dietary form detailing any allergies and/or preferences.



Stunning home to Festival Baltimore's third season, the UMBC campus features a number of amenities and attractions.   A popular location on campus, 'the Commons' features a restaurant, bookstore, and food court (w/ a Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, and more).  Another Festival Baltimore favorite, the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park has offered many the opportunity to reflect amidst 30 massive oak trees, granite stones, and benches. For more information about UMBC and the surrounding community, click here.



Academy participants are advised to arrive on June 14th in order to prepare adequately for the academy's official start on the 15th.  The academy staff will do its best to accommodate any scheduling conflicts.


Those intending to travel by airplane or train are advised to arrive at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI).  Festival staff will shuttle incoming artists to the UMBC campus free of charge.  All further arrangements will be made upon admittance through our arrival form and information packet.  

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