Asiya Korepanova, Piano

The only pianist currently performing a program featuring all 24 Liszt Etudes and one of few to tout a concerto list including over 60 works, Asiya Korepanova is a pianistic powerhouse and rapidly rising star. 

Yet the broad nature of her artistry is not limited to the piano - she includes transcription, visual art, poetry and composition among her expressive assets. Interweaving different arts in the same projects and performing entire cycles became her signature marks, defining her uncompromising and fearless relationship with the world of art.  

An enthusiastic transcriber, Asiya composed the first ever transcriptions of Richard Strauss’ “Ein Heldenleben”, for piano solo and complete Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata. Among her other transcriptions are works by Faure, Berg, Amy Beach, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Franck and others.

Many of her transcriptions can be heard in her YouTube vlog project “Midnight Pieces”, a one of its kind project launched in September, 2017. The weekly vlog presents 53 pieces over the course of 12 months, a new piece presented each week. Curated in groupings of four, each four week section is comprised of a well-known piece, a piece by a Russian composer, an obscure piece, and a transcription by Asiya.

She developed and performed several multimedia projects with her own poetry and drawings set to Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes, Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier and Tchaikovsky’s 18 Morceaux, Op. 72. She performs them live, featuring projection of her artwork and narrating the poetry between playing each separate piece of music.

In 2017 Asiya launched ‘Festival Baltimore’, a two-week chamber music series and summer academy featuring the complete works of composers in various genres. In its first two years at the Linehan Hall of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the festival has already solidified its reputation as a highly original musical series, both in concept and context; offering a distinctive twist on programming.

To help her cause, the same year Asiya founded 'Music for Minds', a non-profit organization with a dual primary focus; bringing classical performances to children directly to their classrooms, and creating music festivals with unique programs.

The daughter of a composer and a composer herself, Asiya has an immense interest for new music. In Russia, she premiered 3 piano concertos by Vladislav Kazenin and Shamil Timerbulatov, together with the Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra of Russia, the Saint Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra, the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra. 

In the United States, she premiered works by Michael Daugherty, Thomas Sleeper and Orlando Garcia. Also, she commissioned a piano concerto and series of transcendental etudes by Matthew Evan Taylor.

Asiya was born in 1984 in Izhevsk, Russia. Raised in a musical family, she began to learn piano when she was 4 years old from her mother, her first piano teacher. She was taught to read music in orchestral clefs by her father, an exemplary composer, at the age of 6. At 9, she made her orchestral debut, playing Mozart's Concerto No.8 with her own cadenza, and performed her first philharmonic recital.

She was awarded the Russian Federation’s President Award for “Exceptional Achievement in the Arts” when she was 12. She has been honored with the National Award from the Republic of Udmurtia (2002), Germany’s Berliner Salon Award (2003), and Russia’s Youth Triumph Award (2005). In 2009, she became an Honored Artist of Udmurtia, and a soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic Society.

In 2012, Asiya moved to the United States at the invitation of renowned concert pianist Santiago Rodriguez. In the same year, she became a Gold Medal winner at the Nina Wideman International Piano Competition in Shreveport, Louisiana. She has garnered national attention and performing at the Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall, the Bargemusic Series and Symphony Space in New York, the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Series, the Pianoforte Foundation Series in Chicago, the International Miami Piano Festival, and many more. Her recitals have been broadcasted by NPR stations WFMT and WETA. Recently, CNN featured Asiya performing, and covered the specialized programs she offers school children.


This season, Asiya will be publishing her recording featuring the complete Rachmaninoff sonatas, including the first ever solo piano transcription of Rachmaninoff Cello sonata which she completed in 2014.  A special DVD of Asiya performing at the Tchaikovsky’s birthplace upon an invitation from the Russian government will also be released. In June 2019, she will be running the Festival Baltimore for the third time, collaborating with world-renowned musicians and offering versatile number of programs, each being a complete set of works of a given composer.

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