The idea of a lifetime captured in a single piece of music, with its beginning, development and end, fascinated and inspired me since I was a child.

I felt that the colors, impossible in real life, can be found in music as if the music can be seen. Growing up, the complexity and palette of the musical pieces expanded and I wanted so much to share these beautiful moments and the way I feel about them.

My biggest happiness is to create a festival that presents lifetime achievements of the greatest composers within a given genre - it is a gift and a thrill to witness as a listener and to be part of as a performer - or a scholar.

We are fortunate to have the support of UMBC Music Department that hosts us in a most incredibly sounding and looking Earl and Darielle Linehan Concert Hall and we hope that our concert and educational programs will excite our listeners just as much as they excite us!


Yours most sincerely,



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